Luxury Travel Damaged by the Economy |

According to Peter Yesawich of the travel marketing company Ypartnership, even those who are sitting in first class seats typically did not buy the seats; they’re there on upgrades via frequent flyer miles or because of an earlier bumped flight and have been compensated for the inconvenience.

As demand for first-class seats continues to decrease, airlines are turning away from first class passengers as their bread and butter. Instead of depending on the first class customer to bring in profits, airlines are forced to begin focusing on the bargain-seeking consumer.

Another challenge airlines are facing is the rise of internet traveling sites. Before, airlines’ costs were hidden behind travel agencies and package rates. Now with the rise of the internet, consumers know the cost of everything, from the seats themselves to the cost of fuel and meals on board the flight.

Major airlines are trying to tempt business travelers to return to first class by offering novel perks, such as seats that completely recline for a better night’s sleep, fast internet service, and on-flight showers. For overseas business travelers, these perks are a major incentive to bring them back to first-class.

While the major airlines are finding ways to win back the coveted high end customer, boutique airlines that catered solely to the niche clientele have dissolved.

The truly rich clientele so desired by airlines find their own ways to fly that do not include relying on an airline. Major CEOs and movie stars rely instead on company or private planes, or even charter a plane with friends. With the hassle of flying due to security concerns and vast wait times, those that can afford to avoid mainstream airlines, do.

Chase Ink Bold Business Credit Card |

A great option for businesses is the Ink Bold, which is a business credit card by the J.P. Morgan Chase corporation that is quite similar in some ways to the Chase Ink with Unlimited Rewards card. However, the Chase Ink Bold requires that you pay your balance off at the end of the grace period, much as the AmEx Gold Card. The main benefit to this card is the flexible spending limits. Rather than having a pre-set spending limit, the card works with you and your individual needs. There is an annual fee on the card, but it is free for the first year.

There is no APR associated with the card, because it is intended to be paid off each month and therefore not incur any interest. However, that also means that your have incredible flexibility and if you have a month where business booms and you have a lot of expenses you have the spending power to meet your customer’s needs and the financial commitments of your company. As we are comparing the Ink Bold to the American Express Gold Card, it should be noted that the annual fee, after the first free year is over, is $30 less than the AmEx Gold Card.

The Ink Bold gives you a point for every dollar that you spend. There is no limit to the amount of points that you can earn and you get double points when you book travel through the Ultimate Rewards Travel Program. You also have a bonus structure for the Ink Bold with 7500 bonus points awarded for spending $25,000 or more in a year, 15,000 bonus points for spending $50,000 or more and 25,000 for spending $100,000. That is cumulative, so you can earn a total of 47,500 points for spending $100,000 dollars or more. You also get the standard 10 points per dollar spent for shopping at Chase’s Rewards Mall.

Other Benefits & Bonuses

The Chase Ink Bold has the added benefits of an Airport Lounge Priority Pass for the first year, which is a very nice feature for business travelers and one not usually offered by business cards. That includes access to lounges in more than a hundred different countries. You also get two visits each year free after the first year. A major shopping benefit to the Ink Bold card is that it is a Visa, which means that It is accepted in twice as many businesses as the AmEx Gold Card.

Travel Features

The Bold does cover collision and theft coverage on cars that you use your Ink card to rent, which is a benefit that those who rent cars frequently will find extremely convenient, and there is reimbursement for expenses such as hotel, meals and other expenditures if you are delayed more than twelve hours on some events. Travel accident insurance is included in your Bold card, up to $100,000 in coverage and if the airline loses your bags, or if your luggage is stolen Chase will cover it, as long as you purchased your tickets with your Ink Card.

There aren’t many reasons not to use the Ink Bold card from Chase if you need a business credit card. With all of the features and benefits that this product offers, it is easy to see why so many professionals choose Ink Bold as their card of choice for travel and business expenses. Bottom line: It is in a neck to neck race with the AmEx Gold Card, but pulls ahead when you add in the benefits of it being accepted by twice as many merchants, and that the annual fee is $30 less than the Gold Card.